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12000 Tons Lifting Salvage Engineering Ship No.2 Steel Cutting Ceremony
Time:06-19-2016      Publisher:Admin

18th April, 2016,12000 tons lifting salvage engineering ship No.2 Ship was successfully steel cutting at Shen Zhen Mazhou Island base of China Merchants Heavy Industry (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.

The ship is a DP2 self-propulsion submersible salvage ship which equipped electric propulsion for unrestricted service. The ship is mainly used for emergency rescue and salvage of large damaged ships and navy, loading and transportation of damage ship. The auxiliary purpose is transportation of large equipment and steel structures, offshore oil platform, rig, ships and other large pieces of segments.The ship is 25500 tons semi-submersible heavy lift vessel.

The owner of 12000 tons lifting salvage engineering ship is Guangzhou Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport which is a national public institution directly under the Ministry of Communications in China.