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Haiheng 8 Project Finish Launching in Advance
Time:02-16-2017      Publisher:Admin

China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd has carried out Lanching ceremony for HAIHENG 8 self-propelled jack-up unit for Tianjin Haiheng Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Service Co.,Ltd, the ceremony was held in the CMHI(Jiangsu) No.2 slipway, the key persons from HAIHENG and CMHI(Jiangsu) were presented. the ABS class, HAIHENG and CMHI(Jiangsu) project management teams were in attendance . This project finish launching 22days in advance.

The HAIHENG8 desiged by GustoMSC mainly destined for operation in water depths up to 70m. the unit is intended to be used as basis for maintenance activities in oil and gas field and for permanent accommodation, the jack-up basically consists of a hull, four truss-type legs and four sets of GustoMSC electric rack and pinion jacking systems. Main diesel generator sets are provided to supply electrical power for propulsion, position, jacking, cranes and so on. It is equipped with permanent accommodation for one hundred and fifty persons, and the clear deck area is approx 750 m2.