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The First LNG Carrier Repairing at Yiu Lian Dockyards
Time:03-17-2017      Publisher:Admin

At 5:00pm on 4th March, 2017, the Singapore LNG carrier “Lucia Ambition” slowlysmoothly berthed at the 3# berth of China Merchants Group Mazhou Island, under the pilot’s guide. At present, there is no professional LNG carrier repairing shipyard in China. The first LNG carrier repairing by Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Limited, which is the subsidiary of China Merchants Industry Holdings  successfully fulfilled in the gaps in the field of LNG carrier repairing business in China.

In order to undertake this project, the company made great efforts in promotingimproving both facility and management, through which levels of management of work safety, production quality , etc. at Mazhou island had been fully enhanced. Four years ago, the company set up a professional and technical leading team for LNG carrier repair. In the four years, the team obtained the GTT certificate, renovated and upgraded the previous cryogenic workshop, newly built LNG cleaning workshop and stainless steel workshop, and well prepared other related equipment and facilities, so as to meet requirements of repairing all LNG professional equipment and facilities. Meanwhile, the company kept close technical communication with lots of manufacturers and service providers in terms of making professional and technical scheme for LNG carrier repair, and also signed cooperation agreements with some partners. The company also made relevant professional operation instructions and safety operation manuals in aspects of safety, quality, etc., trained and tested company’s staff much, and issuedgot certificates forto them. In order to obtain good repairing achievement, the company even had a pilot project which is about repairing two conventional vessels in LNG carrier management mode. Yiu Lian DockyardsChina Merchants Industry Holdings had well prepared for stepping into LNG carrier repairing market. After nearly 5 years’ research and preparation, the company is now completely qualified for undertaking LNG carrier repairing project.  

The main jobs of this repairing includes:

1.Cargo Tank Inspection & Global test (SBTT);

2.Cargo System Overhauling (Cryogenic Piping & Valve);

3.Main Turbine-HP and LP Survey and Turbine Generator Survey;

4.Main Boiler Survey;

5.CTS System Modification;

Yiu Lian (Shekou) will sincerely cooperate with world-famous LNG equipment suppliers and service providers, and strive for completing this LNG repair at a world-class level.  

Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Limited is the subsidiary of China Merchants Industry Holdings. Meanwhile, China Merchants Heavy Industry, another subsidiary of China Merchants Industry Holdings, is a new building yard which also has the capability of new building LNG Carried. Actually China Merchants Heavy Industry is building one 45000m3 LNG Carrier now.