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China Merchants Industry Holdings Celebrated the 2nd LNG Carrier Repairing at Mazhou Island Base
Time:04-05-2017      Publisher:Admin

At 12:00pm on 1st April, 2017, the Hongkong LNG carrier “Min Lu” slowly berthed at the 1# berth of China Merchants Group Mazhou Island Base, under pilot’s guide. This is the 2nd LNG carrier YiuLian(Shekou) undertook for repair after undertaking LNG carrier “Lucia Ambition” for repair in March 2017.

“Min Lu” particular: 292m x 43m, Cargo Tank Capacity: 147,000m3, Tank Type: GTT No.96. Repair period of 28 days with major job: Docking repair + Main Steam Turbine / Turbine Generator overhauling + Boiler survey, Boiler Mountings overhauling and related system survey + Cargo tank survey, Cargo pump/Spray pump overhauling, ESD valve / Relief valve / Filling/Discharging valve overhauling, etc.

It is believed that YiuLian(Shekou) will make further progress on management and technology level of LNG carrier repair through repairing “Min Lu”, and this will lay a firm foundation for better developing the market of LNG carrier repair and conversion in near future.