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Time:10-09-2017      Publisher:Admin

At 11:52 am on September 6, 2017, TI EUROPE, a 450,000-tons ULCC slowly sailed into Western Shenzhen Port, under the close cooperation with MSA, customs, harbor authorities, YIULIAN Shipyard and other units, then smoothly berthed at Mazhou Island NO.2 wharf by the assistance of seven tugs. That means YIULIAN Shipyard has opened up the largest dock repair vessel since it was established.

TI EUROPE, which comes from EURONAV NV of Belgium, is the largest sailing Ultra Large Crude Carrier(ULCC) in the world. The giant is 380 meters long, 68 meters wide and 34 meters deep, with a DWT of 441561 tons. This dock repair is its third special survey and including some regular repairs in which has about 20,000 square meters full blasting to SA 2.0 and silicone painting in vertical bottom of hull, that needs YIULIAN Shipyard to be extremely strict in construction process, and provide high-tech standard and long docking time. Furthermore, it puts a higher and more stringent requirement on the shipyard’s equipment and staff’s ability to control the process. Guided with the elaborate planning made by leaders at all levels, YIULIAN Shipyard completed all repair works in high quality and high standard as scheduled. TI EUROPE successfully sailed out from the shipyard at 6:58 am on September 21, and once again starts its new voyage.

The success of this repair project has refreshed the DWT record of YIULIAN’s repair history. After years of efforts, the quantity of crude oil carriers and chemical tankers to be repaired in our shipyard has been rising, as well as the type of vessel has been varied, YIULIAN has become NO.1 shipyard in domestic shipyard with its best repair quantity and quality, and moreover, YIULIAN has become an indispensable ship repair base in the world. The successful completion of the largest ULCC repair also has consolidated its leading position in the industry, marking that YIULIAN Shipyard has taken a solid step to be a world-class shipyard.

               Sailed out from YIULIAN

               Docked in No.1 Drydock

               Entering YIULIAN Dockyard