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Opening Ceremony for CMG’s First Supporting Facility Project for Luxury Cruise ships
Time:03-12-2018      Publisher:Admin

With beginning of the new year, the manufacturing industry of luxury cruise ship for China Merchants Group has been continuously promoted. On Mar. 6th, the opening ceremony of CMG’s first supporting facility project for luxury cruise ship manufacture was held at CMHI (Jiangsu) . As significant project for the local government, the corresponding leaders from Haimen Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, China Merchants Industry Holdings CO, LTD., and CMHI (Jiangsu) attended the ceremony.  


The project covers an overall area of about 48 acres and a construction area of 32,000m2. And will take half a year for it’s construction. In line with CMG’s strategy on luxury cruise ship,  CMIH has made overall plan for this project based on the existing building facilities of CMHI (Jiangsu) for offshore and expedition cruise vessels, combining construction requirements of luxury cruise ships. This project is also focusing on modern shipbuilding technology, and various advanced shipbuilding equipments will be adopted, including enclosure bulkhead welding robot, which will further promote the informatization and intelligentization of technical process for shipbuilding, and the development of CMG’s manufacturing industry for advanced equipments as well.