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Steel Cutting Ceremony for CMHI-163-2 Semi-submersible Heavy Lift Crane Accommodation Vessel
Time:06-01-2018      Publisher:Admin

Steel cutting ceremony for Semi-submersible Heavy Lift Crane Accommodation Vessel with Hull Number CMHI-163-2 was successfully held on May 24, 2018 in the panel workshop of China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., China.

Principals from relevant parties attended, including Mr. Leon Overdulve, CEO of OOS International as Owner’s representative; Mr. Michel Labrie, Deputy General Manager of ABS Eastern Hemisphere North Pacific Region; Mr. David Zhu Guiming, Deputy Manager of China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. Whilst, representative from crane maker Huisman, Class ABS, managers from CMHI company board and departments, members of project site teams from both CMHI and OOS also attended this ceremony.

Representatives of parties made speeches at the ceremony respectively. Mr. Leon, delivered a speech on behalf of the shipowner. He emphasized that the design of Walcheren platform is in the world-leading level and was built by CMHI, one of the best shipyards in China. In addition, equipment are from most advance and reliable makers such as Huisman, STX-MAN, Thrust Master, Kongsberg, etc. However, besides aforesaid advantages,  integration of all equipment and even the final success of entire project is rely on Chinese team and Chinese intelligence.

Previously, prototype of project, namely CMHI-163-1 commenced building on 28th June, 2017 and reached milestone of Keel Laying Ceremony on 19 December 2017, in this period, a friendly cooperation between two parties laid solid foundation for the commencement of next CMHI-163-2. This ceremony is a significant landmark for CMHI’s expedition in high  technology off-shore market.

Among recent CMHI’s achievements. To be highlighted, CMHI and DNVGL signed the Classification LOI for two mufti-function jack-up platforms (MAU), which will be built for OOS Energy, a subsidiary of OOS International. These two platforms will be dedicated to market of offshore units demolition. This also indicates that CMHI will continue to cooperate with OOS to create high quality products for offshore market.