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CMI First Exploration Cruise Vessel Successfully Held the Keel Laying Ceremony
Time:06-28-2018      Publisher:Admin

The exploration cruise vessel (CMHI-196-1) was building by China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. The keel laying ceremony held at slipway 3 at 10:18 am June 12, 2018.The leaders of the shipowner, BV classification society, accommodation manufacturer, basic design and equipment manufacturer attended the ceremony.

The project is the first one of China Merchants Industry Holdings Co,Ltd(CMI) signed with the shipowner building 4 + 6 ships to Infinity class of exploration cruise vessel, the vessel total length of 104.4 meters, 18.4 meters wide, the design speed not less than 15.5 knots, safety return to harbor, USPH and USCG classification society , at the same time conform to the Marine ice class 1A and the requirements of the relevant rules of the POLAR POLAR CAT - B.

The successfully keep laying of the CMHI-196-1 marked the project entered the production peak period . We believe that the exploration cruise vessel can made of high-quality by the owner ,the BV and the CMH with the sincere cooperation under the joint efforts of a certain , the company  make greater contribution to the Chinese cruise industry as soon as possible.