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Contract Effectiveness for 3 units of Liftboats Newbuilding - CMHI
Time:04-07-2016      Publisher:Admin

At the end of March, the newbuilding contracts of 3 units of liftboats have become effective in the shipyards of China Merchants Industry Holdings. These liftboat projects are 1 unit of Amerin320 liftboat for an experienced Singapore owner to be built in CMIH’s Shenzhen Yard and 2 units of NG-1800X Liftboats for TYM group to be built in CMIH’s Jiangsu Yard.

The new Amerin320 Liftboat, designed by Singapore Amerin, is a same model of a liftboat which was just delivered by CMIH’s Shenzhen Yard in January for an Indonesian Owner. It is equipped with hydraulic drive pinion jacking system and hydraulic drive propulsion system, its 4 legs are X-trussed type and each length is 94.5m which allow a wide range of operation. The type of Amerin320 liftboat has very good jacking capacity and good performance record in offshore industry.

The 2 units of NG-1800X are the subsequence projects for TYM group after the NG-2500X project. Effective of these 2 liftboats is based on the owner’s trust in CMIH’s quality and schedule and service of previous project execution. The NG-1800X is a design of GustoMSC, equipped with electrical pinion jacking system, electrical propulsion system and DP-2 system. Most equipment selected shall be from first class international makers. The NG-1800X liftboats will be very competitive with its features of reliable, comfortable and easy-operation

Although the market situation is not good recently, CMIH is obviously going closer to the target of becoming world first class offshore shipyard in the world.