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Manager's Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to CMHI Engineering Department.


In late 00s, CMHI started to divert its business from ship repairing to offshore unit new building and conversions of marine offshore units. After nearly a decade of effort, CMHI has emerged as one of China’s top notch shipyard in this field and this cannot be achieved without the support and cooperation from all the departments. In making CMHI a successful shipyard, the Engineering Department always play a vital role.


The Engineering Departments is formed by 699 team members. Throughout a project, the enthusiastic team members are involved in every stages from project technical quotation, liaising with Basic Designer, produce detail design drawings, equipment procurement as well as participating in commissioning and vessel construction. We play a vital role in coordinating the ship Owner, Basic Designer, Equipment Manufacturer, Ship Operator and Marine Rule and Regulation Bodies to provide design and engineering solutions.


CMHI Engineering Department cherish its customers and always ready to understand the customers’ expectation and requirement. By understanding of the customers’ business, the Engineering Department treats the customer as the focal point for the entire value chain: from designing, through purchasing and daily interaction. We strongly believe that by creating a close and sustainable customer relationship will ultimately producing better product.


Continuous improvement is the key to adapt to the continuous changes offshore market requirement and standard. CMHI Engineering Department consistently having internal training which uses real working examples and challenges that the participants encounter in everyday work in order to provide the participants the exact knowledge and insight to succeed in their task and holds up their enthusiasm. Moreover, the department frequently invites equipment supplier and class surveyor to have opinion sharing session to ensure the engineers are alert of the current market requirement.


The CMHI Engineering Department has made a commitment to deliver the highest quality of engineering services. Possess with competent knowledge and positive mentality and passion, the department guarantee the product will go beyond your expectation.