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NG-2500X Self-Propelled Jack-up
Owner:  TY Marine Pte Ltd
Builder:  China Merchants Industries Holdings CO., Ltd.
Class:  ABS
Design:  GustoMSC B.V.
Contract Signing:  Dec. 2014
Function:  Maintenance activities in oil and gas fields and for permanent accommodation for operation in the Arabian Gulf area in water depths up to 70 m.
Main Particulars
Overall length 76m
Overall length 36m
Depth Hull 6.0m
Design draft 3.8
Number of legs 4
Type of Leg Triangular truss X-braced structure
Leg chord center to center 5.0 m
Leg length(include spudcan) 94.2
Centerline longitudinal legs 28 m
Centerline Transverse legs 37 m
Max.spudcan reation force approx. 3000t
Spudcan approx. area 29.5 m2
Jacking system
Jacking unit 3 x 24
Normal jacking capacity 90t/ pinion
Jacking speed, hull lifting 0.16-0.8 m/min
Jacking speed, leg handling 0.16-1.2m/min
Driven type Variable speed
Total Power 7,350 eKW
Main generator set 4 X 1700 eKW
Emergency generator set 1 X 550 eKW
Deck winch
Quantity 1
Winch 40t
Deck crane
Quantity 1
Capacity 300t
Helicopter type Sikorsky S92 / S61N
Helideck diameter Φ22.2
Complement 150
Design Capacity
Portable water 480m3
Fuel oil 420m3
Water ballast 900m3
Free deck area 800m2
Thruster 4 x 1500KW
Dyn.Positioning DP2
Classification * A1 Self-Elevating Unit, *AMS,*ACCU, * DPS-2, HELIDK, CRC, Wind IMR , HAB