Project Name:



Tanker convert to FPSO

Conversion period:

Mar.2015 – Nov.2016


LOA: 245.50m, B.M.: 42m

Steel Work:900t
Piping Work:400t
Tank Coating:105,000m2
EPC of full accommodation(76 persons)
Installation - OFE Equipment such as Two Cranes, LSA/FFA etc...
Installation - OFE Instrument Fittings and Equipment, OFE Electrical Equipment
Cable Supply and Installation 240,000m
HVAC System of Accommodation Conversion
Topside Module Construction & Integration as follows: (Total 6250 t)
1) M 10 Module -Riser Balcony including Riser winch - 300 t
2) M 15 Module -Flare Tower, flare Tip, Flare control panel -150t
3) M 20 Module -Flare KOD and pumps - 100t, 14m X 10m
4) M 30 Module Oil Sep +PW treatment ~ 1300t, 29m X 35m
5) M 40 Water Injection Including Sulphate Removal, Hypochlorination, Chemical Injection, Freshwater ~1200t, 25m X 35m
6) M 50 Module -Starboard Laydown, Air Compressor, Nitrogen - 300 t, 21m X 35m
7) M 60 Module -Steam Boilers and Steam Turbine Generator - 1200 t, 21m X 35m
8) M 70 Module -Emergency Generator, Fiscal Metering - 300 t, 25m X 35m
9) M 80 Module -E house 700 t, 28m X 23m
10)M 90 Module -Port Laydown, Helicopter refuelling, Mech Workshop, Hose laydown - 200 t, 28m X12m
11)Accommodation and Helideck Module - 500t
New Installation of 12 Point Mooring System (OFE)
Pre-commissioning and Commissioning all Systems at Shipyard