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26,000T Semi-Submersie Heavy Lift Vessel
"TBN 1 & TBN2"
Bulider China Merchants Heavy Industry(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Class:  CSS
Basic Designer: Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co.,Ltd.
Quantity: two
Delivery Date: Apr. 2018, Jun.2018
Function: Especially for emergent salvaging or shipping damaged large ships; also for shipping large offshore equipments and structures, offshore platforms, jackets or ship blocks; and for large topsides float over installation.
Length (O.A.)
Length (P.P.) 162.6m
Breadth (MLB) 39.8m
Depth (MLD)_ 10.9m
Design Draft 7.9m
Extra Ballast Draft 9.5m
Operating Draft (Salvage) 8.8m
Semi-Submerged Draft 21.4m
Deck Area 5,300m2
Deadweight (Design Draft) 26,000t
Max. Lifting (Single Ship & Single Side) 13,000t
Deck Load 250kN/m2
Ballast Water Tank ~60,700m3
Fresh Water Tank ~130m3
Potable Water Tank ~230m3
(HFO) Fuel Oil Tank ~2,850m3
(MDO) Diesel Oil Tank ~330m3
Low Sulfur Diesel Oil Tank ~330m3
Service Speed ≥14 kn
Endurance ~15000
Self Supportability 60
Generator Set
Main Diesel Generator Set 4 x 3,340 kW
Auxiliary Generator Set 1 x 1,250 kW
Emergency Generator Set 1 x 450 kW
Main Thruster 2 x 4,500kW
Tunnel Bow Thruster 2 x 1,600kW
Retractablel Bow Thruster 1 x 1,000kW
Dynamic Position DP2
  CSA Salvage Ship, Semi-submersible Heavy Lift Vessel, SPS, FTP, PSPC(B), In-Water Survey, Ice Class B, GPR, Loading Computer(S.I.D), Clean, Crew Accommodation (MLC). ERS
GSM AUT-0, SCM, BWMS, DP-2, Electrical Propulsion System