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Expedition Cruises
Builder: China Merchants Heavy Industry(Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Class: BV
Basic Design:


Contract Signing: Apr.2017

The Vessel is intended for cruising in Polar (Arctic and Antarctic) as well as tropical areas.The hull form and the diesel electric propulsion system, ensures exceptional performances with regards to environmental footprint, seaworthiness and manuevrability.

Length over all (LOA):                                 Approx. 104.3 m

Length between perpendiculars (LPP):          Approx. 99.8 m

Floatation length (LF) as defined in the ICLL: Approx. 100.2 m

Breadth moulded:                                       Approx. 18.2 m

Depth from Freeboard deck:                        Approx. 7.25 m

Scantling draught:                                      Approx. 5.3 m

Design draught:                                         Approx. 5.1 m

Freeboard at scantling draught:                   Approx. 1.95 m

Freeboard at Design draught:                      Approx. 2.15 m

Speed:                                                     15.5kn

Gross Tonnage:                                         7400 tons

Endurance:                                               11200NM

Passengers:                                              160

Crew:                                                       95